Sunday, May 29, 2011

Getting Organized

Thanks to those who made it out to the Farmer's Market on Saturday. It was an absolute success!  I saw a lot of faces I haven't seen since last summer. In fact, I got to see a whole new face (a tiny babe) that was growing in mama's belly last summer, and got to hold him too.  The little toothless grin was such a precious gift! What a great way to start the summer.

What does this have to do with getting organized? Well after spending several hours in my tent surrounded by my glass creations, I realized that I'd better get busy because I have more shows than I have product. Now don't worry--I do have a lot of great pieces to sell, but I like to give my customers a lot of color options, because for me, that's a big part of getting the piece just right.  So when I returned home to start work on some fabulous sea turtle color choices, I panicked!

As you can see from the picture of my workspace, chaos reigns.  So the first order of the day is to TRY to organize this "hot mess" as Niecey Nash would say. I'm going to do some Internet shopping this morning just to check out prices, then off to the store with the best price on some type of modular cubes.   I'd like to start with just a few to see how they work holding the glass, then purchase more as sales allow. If you have any ideas on where I can find good buys on this type of storage, please share. Or maybe you have a great success story about how you organized your own studio space. I've got to clean up this mess before the "Glass Hoarder Police" come after me. Otherwise, I'll be sitting in the middle of my living room trying to convince the television universe that "I only brought home what I thought I could use in a glass mosaic."

When you next hear from me, I promise, I'll have at least one "color"  under control.  I think I'll start with green, my favorite.  Or is that the wrong way to start organizing?  Help!

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