Monday, June 20, 2011


Luckily the rain held off for last Saturday's Farmer's Market. The variety of produce and flowers are ever increasing as the summer season progresses. I love the selection of food at the Farmer's Market , but the people involved with this operation are just as lovely! I am continuously amazed by the honesty of folks that I meet at this market. Each week, for several years now, a potential customer will admire a piece of my glass work but realize they have spent all their money on the culinary delights they expected to purchase.

 I can almost spot the look as they handle the pieces and then return them to their display. We start a conversation, and they explain that they haven't brought enough cash to  purchase an item that they dearly want. And here's the point of this blog post: I offer to let the customer send me a check and take the item, and most of the folks can't believe that I would do this. I am not bragging about myself; rather I'm bragging about how incredible my customers are. I then explain that in all the years I've been offering this option, no one has ever failed to pay promptly. I usually receive a check early the following week inside a beautiful thank you card containing words of kindness and appreciation. 

So actually, I get paid twice: money for pocket and kudos for the soul. And the best part, this little exercise has restored my faith in mankind. We hear so many negative stories from various sources about poor behavior, but the offering and receiving of the handshake credit procedure provides a great balance for me as I examine the nature of our humanity.

To all my customers and to everyone else with good hearts, honesty, and pizzazz:

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