Friday, July 15, 2011

Pastry vendors are tough cookies

According to a July 14, 2011 article on, a pastry vendor at the Highland Square Farmers' Market fought off a teenager who was trying to steal her money box. Even though we are always advised not to fight off a would-be robber, I am so glad this woman did not let the robber get away with her dough (or her money). Please forgive this horrible joke. Thankfully (and luckily), she was not injured in the process. I hope this incident does not deter anyone from the Farmers' Market; rather, it should make us want to show up in hordes and increase our vigilance. We can show any would-be robbers that there is strength in numbers.

As punishment, maybe this teenager should have to work at the Farmers' Market on Saturdays and Wednesdays. Of course, this isn't actually a punishment, as it is an enjoyable way to spend a Saturday morning or Wednesday afternoon. Would it be different if he had to face the person he had tried to rob? Instead of trying to steal from vendors, he would have to help them sell. If you're wondering, this incident does not make me reconsider my position on trust.

The full text of the article is below, if you're interested in reading.

Pastry vendor, 69, resists teen robber at Akron market - Break News - Ohio

An Akron teen was arrested on juvenile robbery charges after trying to steal cash from a 69-year-old vendor at the Highland Square Farmer’s Market in Akron.
The pastry merchant told police she was leaving the outdoor market about 6 p.m. Wednesday when the 17-year-old boy tried to grab her money box as she was walking to her car. The woman struggled with the teen and yelled to onlookers. The teen fled without the money.
Police located the teen suspect walking on South Portage Path near Grand Avenue with two others. He was identified by the woman and arrested.
Tony D. Smith, Jr., of Akron, was placed in the custody of the Summit County Juvenile Court.

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